English is a language used by more or less 1billion in the entire world. In Asia, writing and speaking the language itself has become a concern especially throughout Southeast Asia. Some of the common ESL (English as Second Language) mistakes that SEA students encounter include misuse of articles, transitional phases and and grammar. Students in the SEA region lack the ability to write English


In this project based unit of university English as Second Language, students explore the question “How do we improve the writing skills of SEA students through tourism?”. They are going to ask “What is tourism?”, “What is the relation of tourism in improving their writing skills?”, “Why do we use tourism to help improve our writing skills?”, and “What are the ways to improve my writing skills?”.


There are opportunities to improve on writing skills of SEA students. Tourism is used as a tool because it is relatable, easily accessible and interesting. It involves an array of different activities that students could choose from. This will also encourage creative and innovative thinking.


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